BBQ Catering and Smoked Goodness


About Us


Whether it’s Pre Smoked goods or Catering we can provide.


Meat Me BBQ is about providing BBQ to its clients whether it is on site or remote; supplying quality ingredients using low and slow methods rooted in worldwide Barbeque methods.

Our Pre-Smoke arose when clients wanted the quality 8+ hour smoked BBQ meat; but could not warrant the labour, space and equipment to complete on demand smoked goods. We do the hard work smoking the cuts required, preparing to the clients specifications and serving size, and deliver frozen or chilled ready for final service preparation. This in turn allows the clients to have the full BBQ flavour and experience within time frames of high demand hospitality and food service.

We also cater off site to all walks of life and all budgets while entertaining and educating. Barbeque is all about communal cooking over solid fuel and this is what we provide.